Some of the projects I have worked on, as examples of the variety of approaches that can be taken according to requirements!


The author had written a short book of approximately 35,000 words and requested a proofread.

As the manuscript had not been through former editing rounds, I suggested a bespoke service of a proofread for spelling, grammar and punctuation issues, combined with a light edit to address paragraphing, consistency and clarity. I would not carry out any editing, but would highlight any passages that may be unclear to the reader.

The work was carried out in Word using the Track Changes facility so the author could accept or reject the amendments made. I also provided a style sheet detailing the editorial decisions taken.


The author had written and illustrated a middle grade children’s book, for ages 8-11. They requested a copy-edit which they would proofread themselves.

We discussed the importance of a professional cover image and the author commissioned an artist to create one. We also discussed the relative merits of different publishing solutions.

Once the author had signed off on the copy-edit, I formatted the book, including the cover. I created an Ingram Spark account for the author, uploaded the files and ordered a printed proof copy. A few further amendments were made, then I handed the account over to the author to manage.


A somewhat different commission for me, and a very enjoyable one!

The client had written a screenplay and requested an edit. We agreed that I would carry out a copy-edit for spelling, punctuation and grammar. I would also look for any consistency and continuity issues.

Since the setting was several decades ago, my brief also included, as far as possible, fact checking and ensuring that the language used was appropriate for the time period.

This project required discussion and communication between the writer and myself to ensure that the dialogue was as authentic as possible and that my suggestions remained in line with the characters.


The author had written a picture book for young children and, as well as editing, needed some advice as to how to go forward.

We discussed their ambitions for the book and decided that printing through Amazon KDP was the most appropriate solution for this project.

I edited the text and sent the amendments to the author for approval. I also made suggestions for page breaks. Once the illustrations and cover were complete, I formatted the book, created a KDP account for the author, uploaded the files and ordered a printed proof to be sent direct to the author. Once they were happy, we hit ‘Go’ to publish and I handed the account over to the author.